Please note 

All of our bumpers are built to order. I currently do not have invintory so all you have to do is cntact us via email at   we will set you up an invoice with a deposit and get your bumper onto the list for production 


Here it is, a mini front for the 15-19 outbacks.

This bumper is constructed from 1/4 inch 5052 aluminum and 3/4 thick 6061 for the shackle mounts. Weighing in at only 24 pounds after removing the stock crash bar this bumper does not add a pound to the vehicle.  Althought its a mini bumper we did not slack on features.

This bumper set up to handle a warn 4500/5500 atv winch OR full size 8k/9k winch both bolt patters come standard with this bumper.  The 3/4 thick mounts are set up for a 5/8 shacles for easy access pull points.  Two highlift jack lifting locations to help in tough situations. the skidplate area is a little bit higher then stock bumper adding a tiny bit mor clearance but where it really shines is its strength. With its internal bracing and solid construction this bumper can take a beating and protect your rig from the hazards of the trail! 


1/4 5052 aluminum construction 

internal bracing for added strength 

tig and mig welded  

New grade 10.9 m10x1.25 mounting bolts 

winch mount points 4500/5500 and 8k/9k patterns

high lift jacking points 

3/4” thick 6061 shackle mounts 


2015-2019 Subaru Outback mini front